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I can own anything that I need to
I can live anywhere that I want
I'm the baddest motherfucker alive on the planet
Everything I flaunt
I can live and die and get revived
Frankenstein-like scary
And when you see me coming
You know I'm legendary

Legendary, super life size
Legendary, like my soul
Legendary, where my heart was
There is a big black hole
Sweet vermouth, bourbon and a maraschino cherry
Pour me down your throat motherfuck
You know I'm legendary

My shoes are size awesome
And my neck bolts shoot out shocks
Ain't no man or woman alive
Who can meet my rock
My labcoat god made me hot
And lightning shooting fairy
And when you see me coming
You know I'm legendary

(Chorus x3)

When you see me coming
Baby when you see me coming
You'll never see me coming
I'm forever legendary


from Necronomicommunist EP, released October 9, 2012




Necronomicommunist Tallahassee, Florida

Super awesome fun music that will make you pregnant.

"...the best live show you've seen in years...new locals Necronomicommunist" -- Tallahassee Live Music Page [http://tinyurl.com/c763psw]

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