Brown Liquor Fight Song

from by Necronomicommunist

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I see you lookin at me
With that toothy, shit-eating grin
And I'm filled with Tennessee whiskey
So I'm gonna punch your teeth in
I can hold my liquor
Let's see if you can hold your lunch
Cause I've got nothing better to do
And you're about to get punched

This is where we fight!
This is where you die!
Filled up with sweet brown liquor
Gonna fight anyone I feel like baby, baby
This is where we fight!
This is where you die!
It's a shame about your face and arms and teeth and
Back and spleen. Fuck you baby, baby

Some people fight to win
And others fight for ladies
But baby I fight
Just to get punched!
And because I'm crazy
So if you see me coming
You best go buy me a drink
Or I'm gonna stick some-steel toed boots
Deep inside your pink

(Chorus x2)


from Necronomicommunist EP, released October 9, 2012




Necronomicommunist Tallahassee, Florida

Super awesome fun music that will make you pregnant.

"...the best live show you've seen in locals Necronomicommunist" -- Tallahassee Live Music Page []

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